From selling products to selling solutions


Juni 2017






Two powerful brands coming together

Amiblu is the result of a merger between 2 giant pipe companies: Flowtite and Hobas. We helped them to refocus as a Sustainable Water Solutions provider. We gave them the concept of ‘Future Water’ and the three pillars of succes: sustainable water solutions, customer obsession and continuous world class innovation. A solid foundation for a new company.

Sustainable water solutions
Amiblu’s mission is to speed up the world’s transition to sustainable water solutions. How? Through boundless imagination, solid science and great teamwork. From R&D and innovation, to engineering and quality manufacturing, to partnerships and co-creation around pipeline and pipe-related sustainable water management. Everything we need to get the water to the people.

Together we developed a multi-channnel marketing toolbox
Stakeholder-specific targeting on multiple channels on- and offline to position Amiblu as THE thought leader in sustainable water solutions.