Bonar Floors

If you are in an overcrowded market,
create a new category

Bonar Floors


March 2012



Flooring Company

Create a new category and lead it! This is what we did for the international flooring company Bonar Floors. We repositioned them across the globe as The Hi-Performance Flooring Company. By creating and owning the high performance category, we regained focus and added value. Marketing is not a battle of products; it’s a battle of perceptions. The most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in your customer’s mind. The essence is to narrow the focus. You become stronger when you reduce the scope of your operations. What is your focus and the reason that you have been successful until now? And what will fuel your growth in the future?


Creating value with High Performance design

As part of the Hi-Performance strategy Bonar Floors commissed Ettore Sottsass and Christopher Redfern of Sottsass Associati (Milan) to design an exclusive new range for their successful Flotex brand. Ettore Sottsass is widely recognised as the most celebrated designer of the last century.