The power lies in the story



November 2015



Start up, technology, B-Corp


Jacko D’Angolo
Leen Zevenbergen


Peter Barratt-Jones (Rethinker.co)


Creative Direction:
Jan van Buul (NL)


Bob Abbate (B)


Rethinking Group

The challenge: turning a good story into a great strategy

Every individual, every company has a story to tell. This definitely holds for Solarus. In fact, Solarus has 2 stories to tell. A story about a disruptive technology. And a story about a vision, about a desire to use this technology to make the world a better place. It is these kind of stories that trigger us Rethinkers to do what we do best: listening to your story and building a sound creative strategy around it. In the end it is not the technology, but what you do with it that really matters. We are proud to share Solarus’ story.


Once upon a time in Sweden, there was a group of researchers. Researchers on a mission. A mission to make the world a better place, by improving the way energy is generated and supplied. They came up with the PowerCollector, that unlike existing solar PV (photovoltaic) panels, generates heat on top of electricity. This generates a yield that is nearly 4 times higher than the yield of an average PV panel.


Our strategy: sunpower for the people

Even revolutionary ideas like these, do not sell themselves. Reaching out the market, to investors and to business partners, requires a focused positioning. A short version of your story that simply sticks to mind. For Solarus we came up with “sunpower for the people”. This promise expresses both the technical part of the PowerCollector and the visionary part to contribute to social and environmental objectives. On top of that, it is a clear differentiator in an industry that is characterized by technology and technology only.


Together with Solarus, we will keep reaching out to investors, business partners and clients that, just like Solarus, see more in the PowerCollector than a disruptive technology. That see a certified B corporation, on its way to give more and more people access to environmentally sustainable energy worldwide.


The result: a successful funding campaign

In the first week of July 2016 we initiated a funding campaign for the inner circle. The results were higher than expected so we can happily say that Solarus will be a GameChanger.


Solarus is nominated for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2016!

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