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Giant Leap

Re-energizing “superior interiors”



June 2016



Interior Design



Brian Klass (SA)

Linda Trim (SA)



Peter Barratt-Jones (Rethinker.co)


Creative direction:

Jan van Buul



Daron Chatz (SA)



Daron Chatz (SA)



Sara Zinman (SA)



Rethinking Group

The challenge: how to keep inspiring customers?

It was in 2012 that Giant leap called on us to rethink their business. This is when the positioning “superior interiors” and the slogan “welcome to a better place” were born. They express the passion for excellent design, the use of the finest materials and above all the creation of better places to work. Giant Leap creates places that bring brands and company values to life, that attract great clients, and that are a source of inspiration. To remain a source of inspiration for their own clientele as well, we helped them re-energize their promise.


Our strategy: adding intelligence to design  

When we first created the “welcome to a better place” campaign in 2012, we kicked it off with a website and a superior interiors book. The book incorporated a wide range of “better places”: a better place to work, a better place to be, a better place to create, and a better place to learn among others. In the 2015 edition we included a new range of “better places” and complemented these reference projects with new trends and insights that shape the world and the interiors of today. Think sustainability, work flexibility, and social responsibility for example. It was our way to show that Giant Leap offers more than just design, they offer superior interiors. Interiors that inspire innovative work.


Another way to showcase the intelligent solutions that Giant Leap offers, was through mood videos. We created one video expressing the “what”, and another one showing the “how” of Giant Leap. The videos were the next leap in communication, helping Giant Leap to inspire their customers yet through another medium.


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