Client Werndl
Sector Office furniture Since 1984
Ownership Private
Result Sold for €175 million to Steelcase
Location Germany

Creating huge added value

Klaus Werndl was ambitious and wanted to take his office furniture company to the no.1 spot in Germany. Using the simple idea – strategy is about being different – we developed two themes: for the factory, the Spirit of Innovation and for the market – Feel at Home at the Office. This gave us the strategy architecture for all future actions. This energized strategic the company, the market as well as giving focus for everything we did. For more than a decade Werndl outperformed the industry average consistently by wide margins.

Creating huge added value

1. Move away from the what? to the why? This has long been the secret of the world-class brands, such as Apple (Think different), BMW (the joy of motoring).

2. You need to invest in the look and feel. This we build into the success of Werndl by carefully controlling all visual and textual assets. So that everyone has the same experience when they touched the brand.

3. Continually delight and surprise your market and friends. Result: Werndl was sold for 175 million euro to Steelcase.

This is what Rethinking Group is all about:
adding value with creative business thinking.


Klaus Werndl
Former CEO, Werndl Büromöbel

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