What next?

It’s not just a good question. It’s the question. Think about the speed of change in the world. Think about the intensity of global competition. Think about the bargaining power of today’s customers. Then think about your company. How much of your business model has remained essentially unchanged for, say, five years or more?


When was the last time you had that great idea that fundamentally changed how you do business? How often are you renewing your products and services? In a world where what you do now can quickly lose its value and become irrelevant, the issue is increasingly; what will you do next?

Peter Barratt-Jones. Creative Business Strategist and founder of Rethinking Group.

For more than 20 years, Rethinking Group has been in the business of creating business success. Through deep experience gained by working for the world’s most successful brands, we help forward-thinking companies deliver innovative solutions that drive measurable results.

Why are some companies more
successful than others?

Rethinking Group was founded at the turn of the millenium to give CEO’s and company owners a strategic advantage as the economy moved into the digital age. Rowan Gibson, widely recognised as one of the foremost thought leaders on business innovation and author of the world wide best seller ‘Rethinking the Future’ is co-founder of Rethinking Group.

The invisible men

We are the invisible men behind many successful companies. We work together with owners and CEO’s to design business strategies that effectively position the company and its products in the market and in the minds of its people, partners and customers.

We use creativity to help you achieve your goals, whether that means doubling your business in size, saving it or selling it. We use creative thinking to refresh, re-energize and rejuvenate your company so it can be successful in today’s dynamic marketplace.

We are Rethinking Group

We can help you achieve your goals