From start up to kick start


From start up to kick start


November 2015



Renewable energy


Scale up phase


The Netherlands

If you have a small budget, you have to make your communications work harder
Solarus has a fantastic innovative technology. One that will impact the planet in a serious way. We created a new category for their product and called it the ‘The PowerCollector’. It generates more than 4 times the energy of conventional solar PV panels. The new power to fuel our future. Based around this we build the brand story and developed all the collateral.

Sunpower for the People
Solarus is an important new type of company. A B-corp which is a Benefit Corporation. We do good by being good. Creating general public benefit means contributing to a material positive impact for society and the environment. We are part of a fast growing global community of more than 1400 B-Corp companies, all with this same mission. We are a for-profit organization, yet we will always consider society and the environment in balance with profit in our decision making.

The brand story
In fact Solarus has 2 stories to tell. One about values and one about the PowerCollector.


About values: Solarus produces affordable energy while doing good for the world. Creating general
public benefit by alleviating energy poverty. Solarus wants to create impact on society and the environment. The sun gives, Solarus gives back.

Solarus: Sunpower for the People.


About the PowerCollector:
The Solarus PowerCollector is the most innovative 3rd generation solar solution in the world. It has the highest yield ever measured and generates more energy than 4x conventional solar PV panels.

Snapshot of our work