Powerful positioning changes the game


Powerful positioning changes the game


November 2015







The Netherlands

Position your product strongly and more powerfully than your competition
We can no longer take our planet’s wellfare for granted. Airopack has a gamechanger innovation that really will effect the health of us and our planet. They have developed an aerosol that is powered by pure air. We re-positioned this breakthrough as ‘The Planet Friendly Aerosol’!

Confronting convention yesterday, today and tomorrow.
The drivers behind Airopack, the Kelders Group, have been creating smarter ways of packaging and presenting products since the early 70’s. A collaboration with the German company, Henkel on the correction roller lead to the development of a delivery system that revolutionised the product. In fact, the product was the delivery system. In the 80‘s, the Kelders group introduced a blockage-free dispenser for a slightly stronger adhesive known in households worldwide as ‘Super Glue’.

Doing good by being good
Developing a new market takes special skills and a lot of focus. But it takes more. Attention to detail. It is vital that the brand matches with the customer experience. Every time the customer comes into contact with your brand, online, on-street or in person they get a consistent pre-defined experience.

It is important that the brand on the inside reflects the brand on the outside. In fact, that every employee becomes an ambassador for your brand. Strong focussed communications are the key to success. Result: a happy motivated workforce.