Magic happens when both sides work together

Think differently To succeed today you often need to radically reshape the way you do business. In the ‘good old days’ many companies took a predominantly rational approach, based on what they did in previous years and spreadsheet predictions. Nowadays, the emphasis is on product innovation and superior marketing. In this new world it’s necessary to adopt a new type of thinking: creative business thinking. Just look at the huge success of creative, idea-driven companies like Apple and Tesla. Isn’t it time for more creativity in your organisation – starting at board level?

Time for a blue ocean strategy?

Strategy is about being different. The future used to be thought of as a linear extension of the past. Not any more. It’s all about change, hyper-competition, global marketplaces, being connected, consumer power, disruptive technologies. The rules have changed, and continue to change. It’s no good driving forwards while looking in the rear-view mirror. Differentiate or die. Rethinking group can help you develop a distinct strategy that leads to a viable, sustainable future for your company.

We love ideas

Ours have changed people’s lives, making them happy, wealthy, healthier. Today, creative ideas are more relevant than ever. Business model life-cycles are becoming dramatically shorter. Many established industries have gone belly-up. So be honest: is your organization devoting enough energy to innovation and strategic renewal? Will you be overtaken by the future or will you help shape it? Where’s that big idea that will transform how you do business?

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