From selling products to selling solutions


From selling products to selling solutions


Juni 2017






The challenge
Two giant pipe manufacturers, Flowtite and Hobas, merged in 2017. Both companies, who produce glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) water pipes, decided to join forces in order to better serve the growing market for sustainable water transportation.

Together they would have the people, the expertise, the products and the channels. But certain pieces of the puzzle were still not in place, including a name for the new venture, positioning and corporate identity: the strategy.

CEO Nick Crofts knew what to do. We often work with him, providing exactly the kind of strategic business and communications advice he’s looking for. Once again we teamed up to put his new venture on the map.

The strategy
One of the first things we did together was to come up with a name, Amiblu, plus a clear description of what Amiblu offered. To give some context; at the time, approximately 95% of the global market was dominated by suppliers of concrete, iron or steel pipes. Yet GRP pipes are lighter, easier, more flexible and cheaper to transport and install. They last for over a century and never corrode. This is truly next-level stuff.

The idea was to really emphasise this, to let the world know that here was a viable, sustainable alternative for transporting arguably the most precious resource on the planet. This was reflected in a direct and self-explanatory tag-line; sustainable water solutions. This forward-looking positioning immediately placed Amiblu in a category in which it was the clear leader.

To help cement the require thinking throughout the company, we also helped define three key values that should be evident in everything Amiblu does: sustainable water solutions, customer obsession and continuous world-class innovation.

The result
Next up was the phrase ‘Future Water’ to describe what the company was actually offering. Future Water was also the title of the brochure explaining the ins and outs of this dynamic new company. Other elements of the corporate identity we developed were the logo and version 1.0 of the website.

This is the kind of challenge we thrive on. Creating clarity in a crowded market. Diving deep until we get to the heart of the matter. Providing a platform from where organisations can go from strength to strength. And working with bright, future-oriented people; especially those involved in sustainable initiatives.

Getting water to the people
Amiblu’s mission is to speed up the world’s transition to sustainable water solutions. How? Through boundless imagination, solid science and great teamwork – in areas ranging from R&D and innovation to engineering, manufacturing, partnerships and co-creation. In other words, doing whatever’s necessary in pipeline and pipe-related sustainable water management to get water to the people.