A new way of working


A new way of working


February 2015



Office block renting

The challenge: rethinking for the new economy

Empty offices ask for a creative new solution. The real estate world has changed, because the whole world is changing. The need for a durable and creative society is big. We are in a new economic era, based on new values. A time that calls for new frameworks and a different mentality, with room for new opportunities. Opportunities for a more creative and more social way of doing business. Time for sharing. Time for EHVEN, cooperation that is based on ‘sharing’ and not on ‘ownership’.


Our strategy: sharing is caring

EHVEN is an open house. With artist working on art, a restaurant on the ground floor, a butler who delivers your coffee if you wish for this. And small offices and companies on the other floors. From 1 tot 14 persons units. The network is shared, the meeting rooms are available upon request. Think small. Think smart. Think EHVEN…

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