Something big in the pipeline


Something big in the pipeline


June 2016



Infrastructure & Technology


Nick Crofts (UK)
Bjärne Amil (N)
Ulrich Schott (D)


Peter Barratt-Jones (


Creative Direction:
Jan van Buul (NL)


Kath Walker (UK)


Dominic van Buul


Rethinking Group

The challenge: getting the right attention

No matter how big the innovation, how good your product, it does not sell itself. Even if we positioned you as the “first choice of engineers worldwide”. This is why we rethought the way Amiantit talked about their latest innovation to their engineers. Flowtite Grey is a new innovation and we wanted something just as big to position it in the market. Something that helped explain the unique product characteristics, but more importantly, helped our customer get the attention it deserved.


Flowtite Technology represents one of the world’s leading technologies for GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic) pipes. R&D is a core competence and delivering state of the art technology is captured in their DNA. Flowtite Grey is the icing on the cake of Flowtite’s continual quest for improvement. It is more impact-resistant, more resistant to abrasive material like sand and more suitable for high-pressure cleaning with higher hydraulic pressure. A great technology, further distinguishing Flowtite from competition, that just needed to be brought to the attention of engineers. But how?


Our strategy: a brand character just as big as Flowtite Grey

The IFAT in Munich, is the world’s leading innovation platform for environmental technologies. Every year, over 3,000 exhibitors demonstrate their profession in the area of water, sewage, waste and raw material technologies. The ideal platform to introduce Flowtite Grey. But with around 3,000 other exhibitors also presenting their innovations, we felt the Amiantit Group needed a way to make Flowtite Grey stand out from the crowd.


We introduced to Amiantit what we believed was a great brand character for Flowtite Grey: an elephant. A character that was just as big as the Flowtite Grey technology and allowed us to demonstrate all unique product characteristics in a very light-hearted and at the same time clear-cut way. The elephant now plays a central role in all communication for Flowtite Grey, not only at the IFAT but also in brochures, online communication and advertisements in trade journals. Together with the promise “the first choice of engineers worldwide”, the elephant will help Flowtite to be one step ahead of competition, not only in terms of technology, but in terms of communication as well.


The result: tripled the number of client meetings

The outcome of the IFAT in Munich was beyond expectations. The atmosphere was warm and inviting. The team had more than tripled the number of client meetings over IFAT 2014. Flowtite Grey was very well received with a very busy press conference. South Africa is interested in producing locally. And also Amiscreen (Storm water separation) was very popular.


“Dear Peter, Sabine and Jan,
Thank you so much for your creativity and energy. Amiantit is a very different business since you became a part of the team! Kindest regards, Nick”
Nick Crofts, Managing Director Amiantit Europe


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