Putting empty spaces to work

Interim Places

Putting Empty Spaces to Work


February 2013



Property Management



Maarten Saris

Patrick Keulens



Peter Barratt-Jones (Rethinker.co)


Creative direction:

Jan van Buul



Julian van Buul



Rethinking Group

The challenge: creating a business identity

Ever since its founding in 1999, Interim Vastgoed has specialised in vacant property management. While Interim offered a clear added value to society – making sure vacant properties are well kept and do not fall prey to vandalism and crime – the owners had a hard time to give face to their services. They invited us to rethink their business and create an identity that made more out of Interim than just a property management business.


Our strategy: empty spaces become happy places

As with most products and services, it is not the offer itself, but what you do with it that really matters. This is why we advised Interim to put less focus on the properties they managed and more on the potential of these buildings. For example: if a vacant property is used by an artist to create a work of art he could not have created in the spaces of his own home, property management becomes a way to boost creativity. Showing this extra edge of property management, was a way to give a face to Interim’s services and to enthuse prospective residents and property owners to use these services at the same time.


What once was called Interim Vastgoed, was turned into Interim Places. The logo was then enriched with a nest, symbolising the warm and happy feeling of a true home. And what better way to give a face to property management than to showcase the people using the buildings? With help of short videos, and a new website, we portrayed how Interim buildings had impacted people’s lives. How empty spaces became happy places. No wonder this has also become the new Interim positioning.


The renewed identity of Interim did not go on unnoticed. Not long after we rethought their business, Interim was successfully sold to Gapph, providing the former Interim owners the freedom to explore new happy places themselves.


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