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June 2016



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Valerie Fick


Jan van Buul
Sabine Swinkels


Rethinking Group

The challenge: finding the right focus

Is there a way to make the real estate business personal? Yes, by taking it personal! When Arlo Holding called on us to rethink the concept for one of their properties, we brought to live one of their personal aspirations. An aspiration to take real estate to the next level and create unique accommodations with a lasting impact. We came up with Little Grand: the first hotel with butler in town. Little Grand is not your average hotel. It is an extended stay hotel, targeted at those among us that are looking for a comfortable place to stay for more than just a night or two. The unique service of the 1st butler of the Netherlands and his staff is to enjoy for the lucky seven only, allowing Little Grand to offer the grand service of a hotel in an intimate place that feels like home away from home. If that ain’t personal?


Our strategy: becoming Grand by staying Little

Little Grand is more than just a name. Rather it is the umbrella for a focused strategy. Every encounter with the Little Grand will leave the impression of exclusivity. Whether it is the campaign “Don’t tell your friends. It’s only for the lucky seven.”, the butler icon, the interior of the hotel with 7 unique and different apartments, or the services and facilities as offered by Little Grand.


Focus is what helped make the hotel grand. A mere real estate project is now a unique residence offering superior value to clients with grandeur themselves. On top of that, the building in which Little Grand is situated, will be complemented with a top-class Mediterranean restaurant in the summer of 2016. And last but not least, Little Grand has inspired the family running the Arlo Holding, to take on more projects with a sustainable impact on the real estate business in and around Eindhoven.


The result: looking for a second location in Eindhoven

They opened in September 2015 and half a year it is fully booked for the rest of 2016. Guests feel at home away from home. The butler service adds value to the concept. Additional advertising is not needed. Since it is ‘only for the lucky seven’ it sells itself. We are now looking for other locations to expand to.


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