Candy store for woman


Candy store for Woman


April 2012



Clothing Company

Long before their new store opened, Rob and Eric knew it would be successful!

Give the customers what they want. In retail land Lingerie is hot! But Rob and Eric realised that their young women friends did not like the impersonal highstreet ‘my mother’s brand’ stores. At their most vunerable they are forced into small badly lite changing booths! Ugh! They also discovered that 80% of women wore wrongly fitting bras! Using Facebook and Twitter, they had built up a fan base that has driven all their decisions.


What do young women want? What brands shall we sell? Who wants to come to our party? We built the brand around this. Co-creation. Creating a LoveMark and a strong intriguing brand story.


TWO MEN OPEN A LINGERIE STORE. We have been using social media for years, we call it ‘doing business with friends’ If you want to build tomorrow’s strong brands and ‘do business with friends’ – just get in touch