In 2000 we founded Rethinking Group with the aim
of bringing creative intelligence to business.
Today we help business owners and CEO’s all over the world
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We work for some of the biggest companies in the world. And some of the smallest. Above all, we love working with forward-thinking smart organisations, who want to determine their own future.

A powerful strategy drives success by bringing good things to life

Max von Bredow – CEO at Quest AG

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Adding value through creativity: that’s what we do for the German-based Quest Group. For their 25-hectare city centre redevelopment in Kolbermoor we created the ‘Work Village’ concept. Everything is designed to improve the quality of people’s experience, whether they are visiting for business, recreation, shopping, lunch or just to walk around. We added energy and bustle to this remarkable regeneration project. All driven by the core idea of ‘bringing good things to life’.
Refocusing this huge company by emphasising the ‘why’ and not the ‘what’.

Nick Crofts – CEO at Amiblu

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Amiblu is the result of a merger between two giant pipe companies: Flowtite and Hobas. We helped them refocus as a sustainable water solutions provider. We gave them the concept of ‘future water’ as well as the three pillars of succes: sustainable water solutions, customer obsession and continuous world-class innovation. A solid foundation for a new company.
Strategy is about being different

Klaus Werndl – Founder and chairman of the board at Werndl

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Using asimple idea – strategy is about being different – we developed two themes for Werndl. For the factory we came up with ‘the spirit of innovation’ while ‘feel at home at the office’ was communicated to the market. This strategy architecture provided focus everything we did. It energized the company as well as the market. Result: Werndl was sold for €175 million to Steelcase.
Powerful positioning changes the game

Quint Kelders – Lead Motivator at Airopack

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We can no longer take our planet’s wellfare for granted. Airopack has a gamechanger innovation that really will effect the health of us and our planet. They have developed an aerosol that is powered by pure air. We re-positioned this breakthrough as ‘The Planet Friendly Aerosol’!

Helping double this entrepreneur’s business in just 4 years

Brian Klass – CEO at Giant Leap

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Brian Klass, CEO of Giant Leap, wanted to double the turnover of his South African based business. He called us. We examined his company’s core assets and competencies and came up with a repositioning, ‘superior interiors’, as well as a slogan; ‘welcome to a better place’. This drove the necessary momentum for growth. It will be digital… it will be digital-emotional.

If you have a small budget, your communications must work harder

Jacko d’Angelo – CEO at Solarus

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Solarus has a fantastic, innovative technology that generates more than four times the energy of conventional solar photovoltaic panels. What an impact that could have on our planet! We created a new category for this revolutionary product, calling it the ‘The PowerCollector’. Based on this we built the brand story and developed all the communications collateral.

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